Boutique Adriatic Homes

Stéphane City Vibe Suites

6 People

3 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

Free Wi-Fi

We are eager to welcome you to the Stéphane City Vibe Suites offering superior accommodation in a house built in line with Mediterranean architecture, an ideal leisure setting for all year-round vacations.

Stéphane City Vibe Suites are located in the center of the old town of Trogir, the historic city that is a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia. It is a supreme location for those who intend to experience the most authentic Dalmatian way of life and discover hidden parts of Trogir’s old town and its surroundings. Our suites are built and decorated in a style contrasting combination of traditional and contemporary, whitewashed minimalism with hand-crafted textures and historical architectural elements, existing side by side in perfect harmony with the traditional Dalmatian style.  

Throughout history, Trogir’s nobles, craftsmen and captains of large sailing ships lived in this part of the city. This epoch is still described today by prominent representative noble houses located in the immediate vicinity of the main town square and the cathedral. One of the most beautiful city squares is located in front of our entrance. Over the years, the unique urban architecture has changed and taken on new forms, chosen as a theme by many world artists, painters and photographers. The romantic streets, courtyards and squares of the old town make the perfect scenery for the most authentic vacation. In combination with the traditional hospitality and unique interiors, our superb Stéphane City Vibe Suites will satisfy your highest expectations for an unforgettable stay in Trogir.